More underbody horrors

The hatch door leaks.

Left rear wheel

Left rear wheel

Right rear wheel

Part of the steering, I believe 

Examining the Fuel Lines

(backdated post, 2012-05-13)

While changing the coolant, I had a chance to see what condition the underbody, chassis and various pipes are in. 

Of course, there's rust everywhere and the fuel and brake lines look like they're about to break any time. Someone has even replaced part of the fuel feeder line with a rubber hose. 

This means I won't be filling up with E85/Gasohol anytime soon, but OTOH, I'll have a reason to replace the fuel lines properly instead of taking stupid risks.

Fuel lines going to the Fuel Level Sender Unit in the tank


Heat problems continue

(backdated from 2012-05-01)

After driving around in the city for a few hours yesterday, the coolant started _boiling_ in the expansion tank. It was  intensive enough to - apparently - have blown off the expansion tank's cap. The boiling continued for about 15-20 min after shutting off the engine, bubbling out perhaps a litre or so of reddish coolant.

Even though the coolant was supposed to have been changed in April, it still looks like a mixture of Soylent Green and red rust particles.