AN hoses and fittings for the fuel lines


This stuff connects the long, underbody fuel lines to the short pipes mounted on the engine.

Apart from the the fuel filter and TBI adapters (the black aluminum parts), the components were acquired from Dunlop Hiflex. These guys were quite helpful, I just gave them my crappy pencil drawings and they assembled the correct hoses and fittings for me on the spot.



DSCN9751 - Version 2

Fuel feed line: top right-to-left, counter clock wise
  • Vinyl(?) gasket, replaced w/ Teflon
  • Aluminum adapter: TBI (14x1.25mm) to AN-6
  • Hydraulic hose assembly: AN-6 / ??mm teflon hose / AN-8
  • Fuel filter: AN-8 / AN-8
  • AN-8 to ?? thread adapter 
  • Compression fitting for 10mm pipe w/ ?? thread
  • 2x Compression fittings for 10mm pipe
  • Compression fitting for 10mm pipe, barb fitting for 10mm hose
Fuel return line: bottom right-to-left, counter clock wise
  • Vinyl(?) gasket, replaced w/ Teflon
  • Aluminum adpater: TBI (12x1.25mm) to AN-6
  • Hydraulic hose assembly: AN-6 / ??mm teflon hose / ?? thread
  • Compression fitting for 8mm pipe w/ ?? thread
  • 2x Compression fittings for 8mm pipe
  • Compression fittings for 8mm pipe, barb fitting for ??mm hose


Torque settings

  • Top-front bolt: 25 Nm
  • Bottom-front bolt: 50 Nm
  • Bracket-to-generator nut/bolt in the back: 25 Nm
Thermostat housing
  •  LB9 and L98: 34 Nm (25 lb. ft.), 
  •  L03: 28 Nm (21 lb. ft.).
  •  LHO: 21 Nm (15 lb.ft.).
Valve rocker cover
  •  11 Nm (95 lb in)
Throttle Body
  • TBI attaching bolts: 22 Nm (16 lb ft)
  • Fuel inlet/outlet nut (original, screw onto TBI unit - replaced by aluminum adapters): 
    • inlet nut 40 Nm  (30 lb ft)
    • outlet 29 Nm (21 lb ft)
  • Fuel line nuts (original, attache pipesto in-/outlet nuts - replaced by AN-6 fittings ): 
    • 27 Nm (20 lb ft)
  • I'm not sure the aluminum adapters and teflon gaskets can handle the same tightening torque as the original (steel?) nuts.


Cheap aluminum pipe benders

Avoid them at all costs.

I broke _two_ of these in one day bending 10x1.5 mm zinc-plated steel pipe. It did handle 8x1.0mm pipe well.

This piece of failure is imported/branded by IKH and sold by Motonet for € 10,90.


Russell 640813, 640803 TBI fuel line adapters

After a logistical hassle that shouldn't happen in 2012, I got the necessary fuel line adapters for the GM (Rochester) TBI unit:
  • Russell 640813: male 14x1.25 mm (14 mm thread w/ 1.25 mm pitch) to male AN-6
  • Russell 640803: male 142x1.25 mm (12 mm thread w/ 1.25 mm pitch) to male AN-6

However, the hydraulic shop informed me that the white seals these fittings come with are a kind of vinyl material that isn't E85 compatible. I'll need to get replacements for those, apparently out of Teflon (PTFE).

They're not O-rings, but a straight cylindrical shape instead.


The original fittings have a wedge that holds the seal in place, and the original seals have a slightly conical(?) shape that makes them snap onto the end of the fitting.

Tiivistekeskus didn't stock this kind of seal, and their sales person wasn't very optimistic about finding one either. Apparently they don't have verified information about combined gasoline and E85 compatibility of their materials, and weren't prepared to make wild guesses either. They could "lathe" custom PTFE (Teflon) gaskets according to measurements, at an approximate price or € 50 apiece, though.

Seal dimensions:

All measurements are in mm.


Golan fuel filter aqcuired


The Golan fuel filter arrived in the mail.

According to the instruction sheet, the filter can be used in a "racing", or bypass, configuration in addition to the standard one simply by reversing the order of the internal components (or turning the whole filter around). Apparently in this configuration the fuel pressure would force (part of?) the fuel to travel around the actual filter element.

I was surprised to find that the filter shipped in this reverse configuration. If I hadn't taken it apart, I might have installed it the wrong way around, thereby allowing impurities to reach the fuel injectors. Not fun.

The flow direction arrows on the filter are opposite from those in the documentation, so that could explain the weird configuration.


Also, the filter element is bent:


Gollan installation manual: