Running trouble, Spare part lottery

[backdated for chronological order]

Recoup of the mysterious running issues that started last fall.

  • "Service Engine Soon" light flashes randomly when driving
    • This happens very often when you hit a bump, but it also does it randomly on an even road
  • "Security" light flashes less randomly when driving 
    • (referring to the VATS chip in the ignition key)
  • Tachometer jerks up and down randomly, maybe +/- 500-1000 RPMs
  • Speedometer jerks less randomly
  • Engine dies semi-randomly when driving or taking off
  • After the engine has died, the SES light sometimes stays lit, other times it's off
  • No error codes given by the ECM, ever, despite the SES light

Steps taken last autumn (Oct 2012):
  • Switched from E85 (Ethanol) back to E95 (Regular Gasoline)
  • Injector cleaner stuff added to gasoline
  • PCV Vent replaced (Standard Motor V178)
    • old one was making a rattling noise, although it was less than 6 months old
  • TBI injectors and their filters taken out and cleaned with a carburetor cleaning spray 
    • Stream from the injectors looks clean, stable and has a conical shape like it's supposed to.
  • Spark Plugs 1-7 replaced (AC Delco R45TS
    • Plug no. 8 was impossible to reach in the freezing weather....
  • Spark Plug Wires replaced (Standard Motor Products 7850)
  • Distributor Cap replaced (Standard Motor Products DR468)
  • Distributor Rotor replaced (Standard Motor Products DR326)
  • Battery replaced (62 Ah)

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