Replacing the fuel lines (4)


 Removing the Engine Fuel Pipes (2)

The easiest way to remove both engine fuel pipes is to remove partially remove the generator and the obstructing pipes and cables -- no need to touch the valve cover like I did earlier.

The belt loosens simply by twisting the tensioner device.


The generator is attached with two bolts (Torx 45, Torx 50) in the front and a nut (10mm?) in the back. It's not necessary to completely remove the bottom bolt; when loosened, it'll work as a hinge over which the generator will swivel.


Top-front bolt: 25 Nm
Bottom-front bolt: 50 Nm
Bracket-to-generator nut/bolt in the back: 25 Nm

Fitting in new underbody pipes

Dirt cleaned up from where the pipes will go. Some cavity wax was applied on the body too as a stop-gap measure. The whole paint job should really be redone & new chassis protector goo applied in the bottom.



Although the old pipes were flexible enough that I could pull them out in one piece, it wasn't possible to put the new hydraulic pipe, 1.0 mm wall thickness, in the same way. I decided to cut them in the front and reconnect them using compression fittings.


This allowed me to bend the "final mile" outside the car. Unlike most of the plumbing, I'm actually satisfied with this piece.


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